Chemical Processing

Many chemical processing operations specify titanium to increase equipment life. It offers life-cycle cost advantages over copper, nickel and stainless steel grades, while providing initial cost advantages over materials such as high-nickel alloys, tantalum and zirconium.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical manufacturers use titanium in the production of hip and knee prostheses, heart valves, spinal implants, dental implants and more because it is bio-compatible and offers high reliability.


Titanium is used for structural components such as beams, panels and roofs for commercial and residential buildings.

Sporting Goods

Manufacturers of sporting goods use titanium for equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, lacrosse stick shafts, helmet grills and bicycle frames, as well as sport wheelchair frames. Titanium tent poles, cookware, utensils and lanterns appeal to backpackers due to their light weight.