Titanium For Bicycles

TI can be used to enhance the cycling experience for their customers by providing a light-weight, more durable bicycle frame to withstand diverse terrains. We provide the manufacturer with the titanium they need in order to improve the strength, agility and aesthetics of their high-end bicycles that are then sold to over 100 retailers nationwide.

Titanium Vacuum Thermos Travel Coffee Mug/ Insulated Water Bottle 

【Suitable for outdoor sports】Titanium-- special metal with light weight and high specific strength.Water bottles made of pure titanium are very suitable for outdoor sports and travel.

Advantages:Chemical resistant; light weight; Recyclable; bio-compatible; High specific Strength; Acid,alkali and limescale Resistant; Rust-proof;No Teflon coating.

Titanium Wheelchair 

Ultra-light, flexible and comfortable, titanium offers unmatched durability and beauty.

The main benefit of titanium as a frame material is its incredibly light weight. Titanium is extremely strong, so very little metal is needed to form the tubes that make up the frame. Using less metal without sacrificing resilience means chairs can be made as strong as steel for less than half the weight of aluminum.